Sunday, April 29, 2012

No Regrets

You are the mirror of my heart
Painting flowers on my fragile soul
Fingers running through my hair
Ask me nicely with your hands
Wrap me sunny with your smile
Breathe me

Thunder, lightning cross our lives
Sailing the uncharted seas of us
Raining softly, stormy nights
Love is there, feel the light
We can get there, you and me

Chant your spells when cherry's blossom
Let me be there when you are lonesome  

Hold me till I melt you down
Leave me trembling in your arms
See me, I am the only one
No regrets, sweet vanilla dream

Guide me, vibe me with your kind emotion
Hug me darling with you lips
Kiss me, trill me, 
I'm you're bliss forever
Linger on my wind
and fly

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