Sunday, August 12, 2012

Full Exposure

I roar the streets with my tumble
People notice only my rumble
I dare upon you to stumble
I'll behave, but I aint no humble

I glimpse at people, pass them by wander
I see now, I don't need their ponder
I'm up everyday, hope to be stronger
But my sanity wont last any longer

I am out to wander, no jewels, no crown
For you have turned me upside down
I'm shaken, I'm stirred, bound for closure
Just one look, I am at full exposure

I can hold my breath forever
If it is what it takes to remember
The breeze of your lips, the kiss of your hair
the fine wine, your touch, the smile so fair

You trashed me to pieces,
Stitched me with love
I don't want you condolences
It is never enough

I want you to dissolve in me,
I want you to vanish
Be there for me, cherish me,
till I vanquish

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