Thursday, March 10, 2016

Sands of Time

Sands whisper
Pieces of a soul outcasted
and for eternity
the wrong outlasted

Shaped by the moonlight it grew
I will give in my self to you
Shadowed by darkness I knew
Magic in water I'll groom

I'll scrape the ember, my desire
I'll dance on it every night
Until my feet are only fire
Until we turn the sands of time

Rains weary
Serpents dwell inside my fury
The tide of time unleashed its pain mine truly

Bound by the chains of their reign
Sacred chanting I whisper vein
Haunted by promise and blame
My one and only to save

My joy and my vow, oh my rare flower
My only spell, my true desire
Until I breath, until my final hour
I shall not stop, I shall find you, my sacred love or die
Until I see, until I have my power
I shall not sleep, I shall find you
my bleeding heart, I cry

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