Tuesday, May 17, 2016


You’re poor inside and you wanna be rich? You think you’re good but you end up like a bitch You think you got a deal but you got shit Nobody cares for you even a bit Pre-chorus: Are you invincible? Are you a fraud? Are you untouchable? Are you a god? Fear is drowning you. Becoming a slave You keep building your castle, now do you feel safe? Chorus: Animals have no ego only we do It’s growing and growing How do we keep surviving Tell me how do you do? Happiness has no ego only we do makes me wonder and wonder How do we get to know this Tell me what would you do? You drink to death and just want to forget You hit your children until nothing’s left You hate your parents for every good advice You think you're angry ’cuz of their secret vice You think you know it all cause you catch the drift You have no friends but expecting their gifts You wanna climb the ladder you’re educated well You’re rotting from inside in personal hell CHORUS:/2 OUTRO: I need a window. I need a sky. I need to feel and learn how to be alive

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