Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Seas the day

The sun kept whispering to me
You think you are in trouble deep
I saw you wide awake from cuddle sleep
but non the less the road ahead is steep

Seas the day, its up for me to keep
Seas the day, is all I crave for deep

The moon still pale was insisting on her story
Lean back upon your shoulders for the glory
You only have to leap and set off sorry
unsettling is the road divine enough to worry

The wind was steady smiling with a twitch
I know you think you have a glitch
Let there be love just make a switch
Your head above the clouds will cure the itch

Keep sails steady, roamed the water bleak
The odds are all in favour of your trip
It isn't worth, to dwell on things behind
The ocean up ahead is all you ever find

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