Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Morning Prayer

The symbols are no wrong nor they are right
Don't use them eagerly when you're in fight
Don't make it personal, don't cloud your sight
Don't make assumptions, ask your questions tight

Be at your best and each and every one will do
Be skeptical and learn to listen, be acute
Don't be the tyrant, judge or victim all at once
Feel free to make your own dreams, you're the one!

Accept the world in all its glory
Cause it won't change a bit to hear your story
Mistakes you'll pay but just this once
Be gracious to your self, succeed at once

Regain respect for others, but respect thy self by far
The art of liberty is love each other, just for who we are
The truth is silent, long before the words
There is nothing else to know nor left to learn

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