Friday, May 4, 2012

The Wonder

I have this picture of you
Never so real always so true
I crave for wonder, I dare you to be
You are never over, I’m down with me

My heart should have told me
My mind should have screamed
This game is for real
It’s meant for us to be

This feeling I’m chasing
is choking me down
The wonder I needed
is never around

You choose to be, not you
I’m fading away
I want you the same way
Give me the key

I want to be insacious for you
Take me, don’t break me
It’s you that I will keep

Who cares if its real
Who dares for us both
Please, if you need me
My love is on hold

You, I've been dreaming
My joy and my hope
The wonder I needed
a love to unfold

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